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Knowledge-Enhanced Natural Language Inference Based on Knowledge Graphs 会议论文
, 在线, 2020.12.8-13
Authors:  Wang, Zikang;  Li, Linjing;  Zeng, Daniel
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Boosting Decision-based Black-box Adversarial Attacks with Random Sign Flip 会议论文
, UK, 2020-8
Authors:  Weilun, Chen;  Zhaoxiang, Zhang;  Xiaolin, Hu;  Baoyuan, Wu
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Towards Accurate Post-training Network Quantization via Bit-Split and Stitching 会议论文
, Online, 2020
Authors:  Wang, Peisong;  Chen, Qiang;  He, Xiangyu;  Cheng, Jian
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Attention-based Direct Interaction Model for Knowledge Graph Embedding 会议论文
, 杭州, 2019-11-25
Authors:  Zhou, Bo;  Chen, Yubo;  Liu, Kang;  Zhao, Jun
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Are You for Real? Detecting Identity Fraud via Dialogue Interactions 会议论文
, 香港, 2019-11
Authors:  Wang, Weikang;  Zhang, Jiajun;  Li, Qian;  Zong, Chengqing;  Li, Zhifei
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Explainable Interaction-driven User Modeling over Knowledge Graph for Sequential Recommendatio 会议论文
, Nice, France, 2019.10.21-2019.10.27
Authors:  Huang, Xiaowen;  Fang, Quan;  Qian, Shengsheng;  Sang, Jitao;  Li, Yan;  Xu, Changsheng
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Relation and Fact Type Supervised Knowledge Graph Embedding via Weighted Scores 会议论文
, 杭州, 2019-10-18
Authors:  Zhou, Bo;  Chen, Yubo;  Liu, Kang;  Zhao, Jun
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Discriminative Learning for Monaural Speech Separation Using Deep Embedding Features 会议论文
, Graz, Austria, September 15–19, 2019
Authors:  Fan, Cunhang;  Liu, Bin;  Tao, Jianhua;  Yi, Jiangyan;  Wen, Zhengqi
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Multimodal Data Enhanced Representation Learning for Knowledge Graphs 会议论文
, Budapest, Hungary, 2019.7.14-19
Authors:  Wang, Zikang;  Li, Linjing;  Li, Qiudan;  Zeng, Dajun
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representation learning, knowledge graph, mul- timodal  
Phoneme dependent speaker embedding and model factorization for multi-speaker speech synthesis and adaptation 会议论文
, Brighton,UK, MAY 12-17,2019
Authors:  Fu, Ruibo;  Tao, Jianhua;  Wen, Zhengqi;  Zheng, Yibin
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speech synthesis  speaker adaptation  speaker embedding  phoneme representation