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TextFormer: A Query-based End-to-end Text Spotter with Mixed Supervision 期刊论文
Machine Intelligence Research, 2024, 卷号: 21, 期号: 4, 页码: 704-717
Authors:  Yukun Zhai;   Xiaoqiang Zhang;   Xiameng Qin;   Sanyuan Zhao;  Xingping Dong;   Jianbing Shen
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End-to-end text spotting  arbitrarily-shaped texts  transformer  mixed supervision  multitask modeling  
AI资讯 2022年 第03期(总第95期) 其他
Authors:  张桂英
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Towards Automated Ultrasound Scanning Using Vision-Based Navigation: From Physician Skill Learning to Robotic Reproduction 会议论文
, 北京北人亦创国际会展中心, 2023.8.19
Authors:  Hao Mingrui;  Zhang Pengcheng;  Chen Chen;  Wang Shuangyi
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基于医生经验迁移的超声机器人自主扫查方法研究 学位论文
, 2024
Authors:  郝明瑞
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超声机器人  自动超声扫描  医生经验迁移  超声切面搜索  超声探头导航  
自然语言嵌入的深度强化学习探索方法研究 学位论文
, 2024
Authors:  郭洲蕊
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深度强化学习  自然语言  探索  
Memory-Adaptive Vision-and-Language Navigation 期刊论文
Pattern Recognition, 2024, 卷号: 153, 页码: 110511
Authors:  Keji He;  Ya Jing;  Yan Huang;  Zhihe Lu;  Dong An;  Liang Wang
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Vision-and-Language Navigation  Memory bank  History noises  Memory-Adaptive Model  
Frequency-Enhanced Data Augmentation for Vision-and-Language Navigation 会议论文
, 新奥尔良, 2023-12-9 至 2023-12-15
Authors:  Keji He;  Chenyang Si;  Zhihe Lu;  Yan Huang;  Liang Wang;  Xinchao Wang
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Landmark-RxR: Solving Vision-and-Language Navigation with Fine-Grained Alignment Supervision 会议论文
, 线上, 2021-12-7至2021-12-10
Authors:  Keji He;  Yan Huang;  Qi Wu;  Jianhua Yang;  Dong An;  Shuanglin Sima;  Liang Wang
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基于视觉-语言引导的机器人导航研究 学位论文
, 2024
Authors:  何科技
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CFCI-Net: Cross-modality Feature Calibration and Integration Network for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation 期刊论文
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicle, 2024, 页码: 1-12
Authors:  Zhou H(周浩);  Yang X(杨旭);  Lu Qi;  Haojie Chen;  Hai Huang;  Hongde Qin
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