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fMRI alignment based on local functional connectivity patterns. 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Di Jiang;  Yuhui Du;  Hewei Cheng;  Tianzi Jiang;  Yong Fan
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Local Label Learning (L3) for Multi-Atlas based Segmentation 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Hao, Yongfu;  Liu, Jieqiong;  Duan, Yunyun;  Zhang, Xinqing;  Yu, Chunshui;  Jiang, Tianzi;  Fan, Yong
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Shape-constrained Multi-Atlas based Segmentation with Multi-channel Registration 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Hao, Yongfu;  Jiang, Tianzi;  Fan, Yong
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Identification of subject specific and functional consistent ROIs using semi-supervised learning 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Du, Yuhui;  Li, Hongming;  Wu, Hong;  Fan, Yong
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Intrinsic functional connectivity pattern based brain parcellation using normalized cut 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Cheng, Hewei;  Song, Dandan;  Wu, Hong;  Fan, Yong
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An efficient reconstruction method for bioluminescence tomography based on two-step iterative shrinkage approach 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Guo, Wei;  Jia, Kebin;  Tian, Jie;  Han, Dong;  Liu, Xueyan;  Wu, Ping;  Feng, Jinchao;  Yang, Xin
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Graph representation of hepatic vessel based on centerline extraction and junction detection 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Zhang, Xing;  Tian, Jie;  Deng, Kexin;  Li, Xiuli;  Yang, Fei
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Incorporation of physical constraints in optimal surface search for renal cortex segmentation 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Li, Xiuli;  Chen, Xinjian;  Yao, Jianhua;  Zhang, Xing;  Tian, Jie
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An fMRI study of neural pathways following acupuncture in mild cognitive impairment patients 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Feng, Yuanyuan;  Bai, Lijun;  Wang, Hu;  Zhong, Chongguang;  You, Youbo;  Zhang, Wensheng;  Tian, Jie
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Fast Implementation for Fluorescence Tomography Based on Coordinate Descent with Limited Measurements 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2012
Authors:  Xue, Zhenwen;  Qin, Chenghu;  Wu, Ping;  Yang, Xin;  Tian, Jie
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