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Impact of Flavor on Electronic Cigarette Marketing in Social Media 会议论文
, USA, 11.17-11.18
Authors:  Yunji Liang;  Xiaolong Zheng;  Daniel Zeng;  Xingshe Zhou
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Smart Meeting Management System With Video Based Seat Detection 会议论文
Proceeding of International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service, 厦门, 2014-6
Authors:  Lijun, Cao;  Weihua, Chen;  Kaiqi, Huang
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Smart Meeting  Video Analysis  Seat Detection  
Accurate Iris Localization Using Contour Segments 会议论文
International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), Japan, 2012
Authors:  Li, Haiqing;  Sun, Zhenan;  Tan, Tieniu
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Translucent material transfer based on single images 会议论文
ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA, Hongkong, China, 2011
Authors:  Li, Chao;  Dong, Weiming;  Zhou, Ning;  Zhang, Xiaopeng;  Paul, Jean-Claude
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Multi-Pitch Detection for Co-Channel Speech Utilizing Frequency Channel Piecewise Integration and Morphological Feedback Verification Tracking 会议论文
ISCSLP’2006, Singapore, 2006
Authors:  Guan Yong;  Li Peng;  Liu Wenju;  Xu Bo
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