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The Parameterized Phoneme Identity Feature as a Continuous Real-Valued Vector for Neural Network based Speech Synthesis 会议论文
INTERSPEECH, San Francisco,USA, Sep 8-12, 2016
Authors:  Wen ZQ(温正棋);  Li Y(李雅);  Tao JH(陶建华);  Wen, Zhengqi
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Phoneme Embedded Vector  Word Embedding  Speech Synthesis  Blstm-rnn  
Joint Optimization of Recurrent Networks Exploiting Source Auto-regression 会议论文
INTERSPEECH, Dresden, 6-10 Sep 2015
Authors:  Nie Shuai(聂帅);  Wei Xue;  Shan Liang;  WenJu Liu;  XueLiang Zhang
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