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Denoising and Baseline Correction of ECG Signals using Sparse Representation 会议论文
, Hangzhou, China, Hangzhou, China, 2015-10, 2015-10
Authors:  Zhou, Yichao;  Hu, Xiyuan;  Tang, Zhenmin;  Ahn, Andrew C.
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Sparse Representation  Sparse Representation  Adaptive Signal Separation  Adaptive Signal Separation  Ecg Denoising  Ecg Denoising  Baseline Wandering Correction  Baseline Wandering Correction  
Impact of Flavor on Electronic Cigarette Marketing in Social Media 会议论文
, USA, 11.17-11.18
Authors:  Yunji Liang;  Xiaolong Zheng;  Daniel Zeng;  Xingshe Zhou
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