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Face Spoofing Detection based on 3D Lighting Environment Analysis of Image Pair 会议论文
, Cancun, Mexico, 2016-12
Authors:  Zhang, Xu;  Hu, Xiyuan;  Ma, Mingyang;  Chen, Chen;  Peng, Silong
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人脸属性识别中的关键问题研究 学位论文
, 北京: 中国科学院大学, 2016
Authors:  蔡利君
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人脸属性识别  活体检测  年龄估计  表情识别  视线估计  指令选择  判别高斯过程隐变量模型  
Context Based Face Spoofing Detection Using Active Near-Infrared Images 会议论文
International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Cancun, Mexico, 2016.12
Authors:  Xudong Sun;  Lei Huang;  Changping Liu
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Biometric Security  Face Spoofing Detection  Context Consistency  
Dual Camera Based Feature For Face Spoofing Detection 会议论文
, Chengdu, China, 2016.11
Authors:  Xudong Sun;  Lei Huang;  Changping Liu
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Face Spoofing Detection  Dual Cameras  Feature Fusion  Similarity Measurement  
Multi-patch Convolution Neural Network for Iris Liveness Detection 会议论文
, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, New York (USA), 2016.9.7-9
Authors:  He LX(何凌霄);  Li HQ(李海青);  Liu F(刘菲);  Liu NF(刘年丰);  Sun ZN(孙哲南);  He ZF(何召锋)
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