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Adversarial Transfer Learning for Chinese Named Entity Recognition with Self-Attention Mechanism 会议论文
, Brussels, Belgium, Oct 31, 2018 - Nov 4, 2018
Authors:  Cao, Pengfei;  Chen, Yubo;  Liu, Kang;  Zhao, Jun
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Towards Blockchain-based Intelligent Transportation Systems 会议论文
, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016-11
Authors:  Yuan Yong;  Wang Fei-Yue
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汉语无标记疑问句的语调分析与建模 会议论文
, 天津,中国, 2015.10.25-27
Authors:  赖玮;  李雅;  许小颖;  丁星光;  陶建华
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Impact of Flavor on Electronic Cigarette Marketing in Social Media 会议论文
, USA, 11.17-11.18
Authors:  Yunji Liang;  Xiaolong Zheng;  Daniel Zeng;  Xingshe Zhou
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Salient Color Names for Person Re-identification 会议论文
European Conference on Compter Vision (ECCV), Zurich, 2014
Authors:  Yang Yang;  Jimei Yang;  Junjie Yan;  Shengcai Liao;  Dong Yi;  Stan Z. Li
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Salient Color Names  Person Re-identification  
Color Models and Weighted Covariance Estimation for Person Re-Identification 会议论文
International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2014
Authors:  Yang Yang;  Shengcai Liao;  Zhen Lei;  Dong Yi;  Stan Z. Li
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