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RailNet: An Information aggregation network for rail track segmentation 会议论文
, UK, 2020-7-19
Authors:  Li, Haoran;  Zhang, Qichao;  Zhao, Dongbin;  Chen, Yaran
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ScleraSegNet: an Improved U-Net Model with Attention for Accurate Sclera Segmentation 会议论文
, Crete, Greece, 4-7 June 2019
Authors:  Wang Caiyong;  He Yong;  Liu Yunfan;  He Zhaofeng;  He Ran;  Sun Zhenan
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Efficient and Accurate Face Shape Reconstruction by Fusion of Multiple Landmark Databases 会议论文
, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019-9-22~2019-9-25
Authors:  Wang, Pengrui;  Tian, Yi;  Che, Wujun;  Xu, Bo
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3D Face Reconstruction  Multi Database Fusion  Face Alignment  Deep Learning  
An Efficient Network for Lane Segmentation 会议论文
, Beijing, China, 2018-10
Authors:  Li, Haoran;  Zhao, Dongbin;  Chen, Yaran;  Zhang, Qichao
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Multimodal continuous emotion recognition with data augmentation using recurrent neural networks 会议论文
, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2018.10.22-2018.10.26
Authors:  Huang, Jian;  Li, Ya;  Tao, Jianhua;  Lian, Zheng;  Niu, Mingyue;  Yang, Minghao
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A Review of Engineering Education in China: History, Present and Future 会议论文
, Columbus, Ohio, USA, Jun 28, 2017
Authors:  Dong XS(董西松);  Liu XW(刘希未)
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Memetic Algorithm with Adaptive Local Search for Capacitated Arc Routing Problem 会议论文
, Yokohama, JAPAN., 2017-10-16
Authors:  Yao, Tingting;  Yao, Xin;  Han, Shuangshuang;  Wang, Yingchun;  Cao, Dongpu;  Wang, Fei-Yue
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Pose Measurement of Drogue via Monocular Vision for Autonomous Aerial Refueling 会议论文
, Beijing, China, 30 June - 1 July 2017
Authors:  Ye Yun;  Yin Yingjie;  Wu Wenqi;  Wang Xingang
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Autonomous Aerial Refueling  Monocular Vision  Landmark Detection  Local Feature  Pose Measurement  
Automatic Building Extraction from Oblique Aerial Images 会议论文
, Cancún Center, Cancún, México, 2016
Authors:  Sun XF(孙晓峰);  Shen SH(申抒含);  Hu ZY(胡占义)
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Building Detection  Building Reconstruction  Point Cloud  Oblique Aerial Images  
Vision Based Emergency Landing Field Auto-selecting Method for Fixed-wing UAVs 会议论文
2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO), QingDao, 2016-12-3
Authors:  Liu,Xilong;  Zhang,Mingyi;  Cao,Zhiqiang;  Xu,De
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  Vision Navigation  Auto-landing