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A Framework of Future Innovative Urban Transport 会议论文
2016 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), Brazil, 2016
Authors:  Xisong Dong;  Jiehan Zhou;  Bin Hu;  Jukka Riekki;  Gang Xiong;  Fei-Yue Wang;  Fenghua Zhu;  Hu, Bin
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Future Innovative Urban Transport  
Parallel Transportation Management and Control System for Subway System based on ACP Approach 会议论文
, China, 2014
Authors:  Xisong Dong;  Gang Xiong;  Fenghua Zhu
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An Electronic Police System With Multiple Vehicle Parts Model 会议论文
Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Service Operations and Logistics, and Informatics, China, 2013
Authors:  Tian B(田滨);  Li Y(李叶);  Li B(李泊);  Zhu FH(朱凤华);  Xiong G(熊刚);  Bin Tian
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Vehicle Detection  
On-road Vehicle Detection Method based on Multi-scale Active Basis Model 会议论文
, China, 2013
Authors:  Yanjie Yao;  Gang Xiong
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On-road Vehicle Detection Method based on Multi-scale Active Basis Model 会议论文
In Proceedings of the 15th International IEEE Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety, Dongguan, China, July 28-30,2013
Authors:  Yanjie Yao;  Gang Xiong
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Abm  Multiscale  Camera Calibration  Vehicle Detection  
Service Science Management and Engineering: Theory and Applications 其他
Authors:  Xiong Gang;  Liu Zhong;  Liu Xiwei;  Zhu Fenghua;  Shen Dong
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