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MEC 2016: The multimodal emotion recognition challenge of CCPR 2016 会议论文
, 成都, 2016.11.5-2016.11.7
Authors:  Ya Li;  Jianhua Tao;  Björn Schuller;  Shiguang Shan;  Dongmei Jiang;  Jia Jia
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Multi-scale Temporal Modeling for Dimensional Emotion Recognition in Video 会议论文
Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge, Orlando, Florida, 2014-11
Authors:  Linlin Chao;  Jianhua Tao;  Minghao Yang;  Ya Li
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Affective Computing  
Scaring or pleasing: Exploit emotional impact of an image 会议论文
ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2012
Authors:  Li, Bing;  Feng, Songhe;  Xiong, Weihua;  Hu, Weiming
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Horror Video Scene Recognition based on Multi-view Multi-instance Learning 会议论文
Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), none, 2012
Authors:  Xinmiao Ding;  Bing Li;  Weiming Hu;  Weihua Xiong;  Zhenchong Wang
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Mood avatar: Automatic text-driven head motion synthesis 会议论文
International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces and the Workshop on Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction (ICMI-MLMI), Beijing, China, 2010
Authors:  Mu, Kaihui;  Tao, Jianhua;  Che, Jianfeng;  Yang, Minghao
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