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Joint Depth Map Interpolation and Segmentation with Planar Surface Model 会议论文
ACM Siggraph Asia, Macau, 2016.12.04-12.08
Authors:  Xu, Shibiao;  Dai, Longquan;  Zhang, Jiguang;  Tang, Jinhui;  Kumar, G.Hemanth;  Zhang, Yanning;  Zhang, Xiaopeng
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Object-aware Deep Network for Commodity Image Retrieval 会议论文
Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, New York, USA, June 6-9, 2016
Authors:  Zhiwei Fang;  Jing Liu;  Yuhang Wang;  Yong Li;  Hang Song;  Jinhui Tang;  Hanqing Lu
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Commodity Retrieval  Deep Network  Object Detection  
Weakly-Supervised Dual Clustering for Image Semantic Segmentation 会议论文
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Portland, OR, USA, 2013
Authors:  Liu, Yang;  Liu, Jing;  Li, Zechao;  Tang, Jinhui;  Lu, Hanqing
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Beyond local image features: Scene calssification using supervised semantic representation 会议论文
无, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL, USA, September 30 - October 3, 2012
Authors:  Chunjie Zhang;  Jing Liu;  Chao Liang;  Jinhui Tang;  Hanqing Lu
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Semantic Representation  Scene Classification  Sparse  Supervised Learning  
Low rank metric learning for social image retrieval 会议论文
ACM International Conference on Multimedia, Nara, Japan, 2012
Authors:  Li, Zechao;  Liu, Jing;  Jiang, Yu;  Tang, Jinhui;  Lu, Hanqing
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Beyond Local Image Features: Scene Classification Using Supervised Semantic Representation 会议论文
, 美国, 2012
Authors:  Zhang CJ(张淳杰);  Jing Liu;  chao liang;  jinhui tang;  hanqing lu
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