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Protecting Your Faces: MeshFaces Generation and Removal via High-order Relation-preserving CycleGAN 会议论文
, Queensland, Australia, 2018
Authors:  Zhihang Li;  Yibo Hu;  Man Zhang;  Min Xu;  Ran He(赫然)
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Adversarial Discriminative Heterogeneous Face Recognition 会议论文
, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, February 2–7, 2018
Authors:  Lingxiao Song;  Man Zhang;  Xiang Wu;  Ran He
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The BTAS∗ Competition on Mobile Iris Recognition 会议论文
Proc. IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems, New York, USA, 2016
Authors:  Man Zhang;  Qi Zhang;  Zhenan Sun;  Nasir Uddin Ahmed;  Shujuan Zhou
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Simultaneous Feature and Sample Reduction for Image-set Classification 会议论文
Proc. AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Phoenix, USA, 2016
Authors:  Man Zhang;  Ran He;  Dong Cao;  Zhenan Sun;  Tieniu Tan
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Discriminative Analysis Dictionary Learning 会议论文
, Phoenix, Arizona USA, 2016
Authors:  Jun Guo;  Yangqing Guo;  Xiangwei Kong;  Man Zhang;  Ran He(赫然)
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Accurate Iris Segmentation in Non-cooperative Environments Using Fully Convolutional Networks 会议论文
Proc. International Conference on Biometrics, Halmstad, Sweden, 2016
Authors:  Nianfeng Liu;  Haiqing Li;  Man Zhang;  Zhenan Sun;  Tieniu Tan
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Supervised Topology Preserving Hashing 会议论文
Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2015年11月3-6日
Authors:  Shu Zhang;  Man Zhang;  Qi Li;  Tieniu Tan;  Ran He;  Zhang, Shu
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Topology  Hash  
Fusion of Face and Iris Biometrics on Mobile Devices Using Near-infrared Images 会议论文
Proc. Chinese Conference on Biometric Recognition, Tianjin, China, 2015
Authors:  Qi Zhang;  Haiqing Li;  Man Zhang;  Zhaofeng He;  Zhenan Sun;  Tieniu Tan
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Bin-based Weak Classifier Fusion of Iris and Face Biometrics 会议论文
Proc. IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems, Washington, USA, 2015
Authors:  Di Miao;  Man Zhang;  Haiqing Li;  Zhenan Sun;  Tieniu Tan
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Float Greedy-search-based Subspace Clustering 会议论文
Proceedings of the IAPR Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2015-11
Authors:  Lingxiao Ling;  Man Zhang;  Qi Li;  Zhenan Sun;  Ran He(赫然);  Song, Lingxiao
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Subspace Clustering  Floating Search