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触控式书法体验台 专利
专利类型: 外观设计, 专利号: CN303773548S, 申请日期: 2015-12-09,
Inventors:  王健;  黄卫星;  张桂刚;  岳野;  刘漫贤
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书法  触控式  体验  
带有图形用户界面的触控式书法体验台 专利
专利类型: 外观设计, 专利号: ZL201530140516.1, 申请日期: 2015-05-13,
Inventors:  王健;  黄卫星;  张桂刚;  刘漫贤;  gongyan zhou;  岳野
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书法  体验  触控式  
A Study of Chinese Character Culture Big Data Platform 会议论文
CCBD2015, 上海, 2015.11.04-2015.11.06
Authors:  Zhang GG(张桂刚);  Wang J(王健);  Huang WX(黄卫星);  Yang Y(杨颐);  Su HX(苏海霞);  Yue Y(岳野);  Zhai YC(翟翊辰);  Liu MX(刘漫贤);  Chen LJ(陈丽娟)
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A Study of Chinese Character Culture Big Data Platform 会议论文
, Shanghai, China, 4-6 Nov. 2015
Authors:  Guigang Zhang;  Jian Wang;  Weixing Huang;  Yi Yang;  Haixia Su;  Yue Ye;  Yichen Zhai;  Manxian Liu;  Lijuan Chen
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