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Teleoperation control of Baxter robot based on human motion capture 会议论文
, Ningbo,  AUG 01-03, 2016
Authors:  Guangzhu Peng;  Chenguang Yang;  Yiming Jiang;  Long Cheng;  Peidong Liang
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Neural learning enhanced teleoperation control of robots with uncertainties 会议论文
, Portsmouth, JUL 06-08, 2016
Authors:  Chenguang Yang;  Junshen Chen;  Long Cheng
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Shared Control for Teleoperation Enhanced by Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance of Robot Manipulator 会议论文
, Hamburg, GERMANY, SEP 28-OCT 02, 2015
Authors:  Wang, Xinyu;  Yang, Chenguang;  Ma, Hongbin;  Cheng, Long
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