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AR-Maze: A Tangible Programming Tool for Children Based on AR Technology 会议论文
, Trondheim, Norway, 2018-6
Authors:  Qiao Jin;  Danli Wang;  Xiaozhou Deng;  Nan Zheng;  Steve Chiu
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Augmented Reality  Programming Languages  Tangible Programming  Children  Edutainment  
Different Contexts Lead to Different Word Embeddings 会议论文
, Japan, 2016-12
Authors:  Hu, Wenpeng;  Zhang, Jiajun;  Zheng, Nan
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Research on Intelligent Scientific Research Collaboration Platform and Taking Journal Intelligence System as example 会议论文
, Suzhou, China, 2012
Authors:  Hao Lu;  Xiaolong Zheng;  Xingkai Sun;  Nan Zhang
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社会媒体中的意见网络实证分析 会议论文
, 长沙, 2011
Authors:  崔凯楠;  郑晓龙;  曾轲;  郑敏
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基于社会媒体信息的网民动力学行为研究 会议论文
, 张家界, 2011
Authors:  郑晓龙;  崔凯楠;  曹志冬;  李林静
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网络拓扑结构对甲型 H1N1 传播影响的研究 会议论文
, 北京, 2010
Authors:  崔凯楠;  曹佳;  曾轲;  郑晓龙;  曹志冬;  郑敏
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Understanding a Celebrity with His Salient Events 会议论文
ACTIVE MEDIA TECHNOLOGY, Toronto, Canada, 2010
Authors:  Song, SY;  Li, QD;  Zheng, N
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A Spatio-temporal Framework for Related Topic Search in Micro-Blogging 会议论文
ACTIVE MEDIA TECHNOLOGY, Toronto, Canada, 2010
Authors:  Song, SY;  Li, QD;  Zheng, N
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Flickr Group Recommendation based on Tensor Decomposition 会议论文
International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Geneva, Switzerland, 2010
Authors:  Zheng, N;  Li, QD;  Liao, SC;  Zhang, LM
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A Classifying and Exploring System Based on Users' Tagging Behaviors 会议论文
Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition (CCPR), and CJK Joint Workshop on Pattern Recognition (CJKPR), Nanjing, PEOPLES R CHINA 会议, 2009
Authors:  Zhang, LM;  Li, QD;  Zheng, N
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