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Dictionary learning based superpixels clustering for weakly-supervised semantic segmentation 会议论文
无, Quebec City, QC, Canada, September 27-30, 2016
Authors:  Peng Ying;  Jing Liu;  Hanqing Lu
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Dictionary Learning  Weak Supervision  Semantic Segmentation  
Color names learning using convolutional neural networks 会议论文
无, Quebec City, QC, Canada, September 27-30, 2015
Authors:  Yuhang Wang;  Jing Liu;  Jinqiao Wang;  Yong Li;  Hanqing Lu
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Self-supervised Cnn  Color Naming  
Beyond local image features: Scene calssification using supervised semantic representation 会议论文
无, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL, USA, September 30 - October 3, 2012
Authors:  Chunjie Zhang;  Jing Liu;  Chao Liang;  Jinhui Tang;  Hanqing Lu
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Semantic Representation  Scene Classification  Sparse  Supervised Learning  
Image Classification Using Spatial Pyramid Coding and Visual Word Reweighting 会议论文
无, Queenstown, New Zealand, November 8-12, 2010
Authors:  Chunjie Zhang;  Jing Liu;  Jinqiao Wang;  Qi Tian;  Changsheng Xu;  Hanqing Lu;  Songde Ma
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Bag-of-visual-words (Bow)  Image Classification  Reweighting  Spatialpyramid Coding  
Hand posture recognition with co-training 会议论文
无, Tampa, Florida, USA, December 8-11, 2008
Authors:  Yikai Fang;  Jian Cheng;  Jinqiao Wang;  Kongqiao Wang;  Jing Liu;  Hanqing Lu
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