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水上无人机回收系统 专利
专利类型: 发明, 专利号: CN201110272967.1, 申请日期: 2011-09-15, 公开日期: 2012-02-22
Inventors:  范国梁;  易建强;  常红星;  谭湘敏;  袁如意;  朱迎谷
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Adaptive Controller Design for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Input Magnitude and Rate Limitations 会议论文
American Control Conference (ACC), San Francisco, CA, USA, 2011
Authors:  Yuan, RY;  Yi, JQ;  Yu, WS;  Fan, GL
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Input Saturation  Rbf Neural Network  Adaptive Control  Nonlinear System  H∞ Control Performance  
Disturbance Rejection in UAV's velocity and attitude control: Problems and solutions 会议论文
Chinese Control Conference (CCC), 2011
Authors:  Xiong, Hua;  Yuan, Ruyi;  Yi, Jianqiang;  Fan, Guoliang;  Jing, Fengshui
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