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The First ICB Competition on Iris Recognition 会议论文
International Joint Conference on Biometrics, USA, 2014年9月29日-10月2日
Authors:  Man Zhang;  Jing Liu;  Zhenan Sun;  Tieniu Tan;  Wu Su;  Fernando Alonso-Fernandez;  Valérian Némesin;  Nadia Othman;  Koichi Noda;  Peihua Li;  Edmundo Hoyle;  Akanksha Joshi
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Transform-Invariant Dictionary Learning For Face Recognition 会议论文
, France, 2014年10月27-30日
Authors:  Shu Zhang;  Man Zhang;  Ran He(赫然);  Zhenan Sun
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A brief survey on recent progress in iris recognition 会议论文
Proc. Chinese Conference on Biometric Recognition, Shenyang, China, 2014
Authors:  Haiqing Li;  Zhenan Sun;  Man Zhang;  Libin Wang;  Lihu Xiao;  Tieniu Tan
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