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A Kolmogorov-Smirnov test to detect changes in stationarity in big data 会议论文
, Toulouse, France, July 9-14,2017
Authors:  Zhao, Dongbin;  Bu, Li;  Alippi, Cesare;  Wei, Qinglai
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Ensemble LSDD-based change detection tests 会议论文
, Vancouver, Canada, July 21-29, 2016
Authors:  Bu, Li;  Alippi, Cesare;  Zhao, Dongbin
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A pdf-free change detection test for data streams monitoring 会议论文
, Cape Town, South Africa, December 8 -10, 2015
Authors:  Bu, Li;  Zhao, Dongbin;  Alippi, Cesare
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A hierarchical classification algorithm for evaluating energy consumption behaviors 会议论文
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Beijing, 2014
Authors:  Li Bu;  Dongbin Zhao;  Yu Liu;  Qiang Guan
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A prior-free encode-decode change detection test to inspect datastreams for concept drift 会议论文
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Dallas, Texas, USA, 2013
Authors:  Cesare Alippi;  Li Bu;  Dongbin Zhao
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SVM-based just-in-time adaptive classifiers 会议论文
, Doha, Qatar, November 12-15, 2012
Authors:  Alippi, Cesare;  Bu, Li;  Zhao, Dongbin
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