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Content-based Recommendation for Traffic Signal Control 会议论文
Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Canary Islands, Spain, 2015
Authors:  Zhao, Yifei;  Wang, Feiyue;  Gao, Hang;  Zhu, Fenghua;  Lv, Yisheng
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Artificial Transportation Systems And Simulation  Contented-based Recommendation  Data Mining And Data Analysis  Traffic Signal Control  
Word Embedding Based Retrieval Model for Similar Cases Recommendation 会议论文
Proceedings of Chinese Automation Congress (2015), Wuhan, 2015
Authors:  Zhao, Yifei;  Wang, Jing;  Wang, Feiyue;  Shi, Xiaobo
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Internet Inquiry  Case Recommendation  Word Embedding  Data Mining  
知识自动化方法初探:从交通信号控制到互联网问诊平台 会议论文
第七届全国社会计算会议论文集, 福州, 2015-12
Authors:  赵一飞;  施小博
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知识自动化  交通信号控制  互联网问诊  方法