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Hierarchical Bilinear Network for High Performance Face Detection 会议论文
, Beijing, 2017
Authors:  Jiangjing Lv;  Xiaohu Shao;  Junliang Xing;  Pengcheng Liu;  Xiangdong Zhou;  Xi Zhou
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Unconstrained Face Alignment without Face Detection 会议论文
, Las Vagas, 2017
Authors:  Xiaohu Shao;  Junliang Xing;  Jiangjing Lv;  Chunlin Xiao;  Pengcheng Liu;  Youji Feng;  Cheng Cheng
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Weakly Supervised Multiscale-Inception Learning for Web-Scale Face Recognition 会议论文
, Beijing, 2017
Authors:  Cheng Cheng;  Junliang Xing;  Youji Feng;  Pengcheng Liu;  Xiaohu Shao;  Kai Li;  Xiangdong Zhou
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