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Aircraft Health Management based on Big Data Flow and Fault Rules Network 会议论文
, shanghai,china, 2017
Authors:  Guigang Zhang;  Sujie Li;  J Wang
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飞控系统状态参数模型及故障模拟器软件 其他
Authors:  王健;  李素洁;  苏海霞;  张桂刚
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Civil Aircraft Big Data Platform 会议论文
, San Diego, California, USA, 2017
Authors:  Sujie Li;  Yi Yang;  Lu Yang;  Haixia Su;  Guigang Zhang;  Jian Wang
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Civil Aircraft Health Management Research based on Big Data and Deep Learning Technologies 会议论文
, Marriott Courtyard Allen (Dallas), Texas, USA, 2017
Authors:  Sujie Li;  Guigang Zhang;  Jian Wang
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基于PROOSIS的航空发动机状态监测技术研究 会议论文
, 青岛,中国, 2017
Authors:  李素洁;  张桂刚;  王健;  黄加阳
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Parameter Modeling and Fault Simulation for Flight Control System Based on SIMULINK 会议论文
, Harbin, China, 2017.7
Authors:  Sujie Li;  Haixia Su;  Guigang Zhang;  Jian Wang
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