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Key-Frame Extraction Using Dominant-Set Clustering 会议论文
, 2008
Authors:  Xianglin Zeng;  Weiming Hu;  Wanqing Li;  Xiaoqin Zhang;  Bo Xu
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Recognition of blue movies by fusion of audio and video 会议论文
, 2008
Authors:  Haiqiang Zuo;  Ou Wu;  Weiming Hu;  Bo Xu
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Microphone Array Speech Enhancement Based on a Generalized Post-filter and a Novel Perceptual Filter 会议论文
ICSP'2008, Beijing, 2008
Authors:  Cheng Ning;  Liu Wenju;  Li Peng;  Xu Bo
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An Effective Microphone Array Post-Filter in Arbitrary Environments 会议论文
Interspeech’2008, Brisbane, Australia, 2008
Authors:  Cheng Ning;  Liu Wenju;  Li Peng;  Xu Bo
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Microphone Array Post-Filter Based on Auditory Filtering 会议论文
ISCSLP‘2008, Kunming, 2008
Authors:  Li Peng;  Liao Fengchai;  Cheng Ning;  Xu Bo;  Liu Wenju
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Multipitch Detection Based on Weighted Summary Correlogram 会议论文
ISCSLP’2008, Kunming, 2008
Authors:  Zhang Xueliang;  Liu Wenju;  Li Peng;  Xu Bo
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Monaural Speech Separation Based on Computational Auditory Scene Analysis and Objective Quality Assessment of Speech 会议论文
ICICIC‘2006, Beijing, 2006
Authors:  Li Peng;  Guan Yong;  Xu Bo;  Liu Wenju
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Multi-Pitch Detection for Co-Channel Speech Utilizing Frequency Channel Piecewise Integration and Morphological Feedback Verification Tracking 会议论文
ISCSLP’2006, Singapore, 2006
Authors:  Guan Yong;  Li Peng;  Liu Wenju;  Xu Bo
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A Novel Noise Robust Front-End Using First Order VTS in Construction of Mel-Warped Wiener Filter 会议论文
ICASSP'2006, Toulouse, France, 2006
Authors:  Su Mu;  Li Peng;  Wang Zhuo;  Ding Peng;  Xu Bo
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Applying Restrained Likelihood and Floating TMR to Multi-Speaker Identification for Co-channel Speech 会议论文
NLP-KE'2007, Beijing, 2007
Authors:  关勇+李鹏+张学良+刘文举+徐波
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