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Time-varying Formation Tracking Control for Multi-UAV Systems with Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding Mode 会议论文
, Hefei, China, May 19-21, 2017
Authors:  Xiong Tianyi;  Pu Zhiqiang;  Yi Jianqiang
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Multi-uav System  Formation Tracking Control  Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding Mode  Finite Time  
Multi-operator Based Signal Separation Approach 会议论文
, 北京国际会议中心, 2016-10
Authors:  Guo BK(郭宝奎);  Silong Peng;  Xiyuan Hu;  Pengcheng Xu
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Signal Separation  Null Space Pursuit  Multi-operator Based Approach  Empirical Mode Decomposition  Amplitude-modulated And Frequency-modulated Signal  
Robust Gait Control in Biomimetic Amphibious Robot Using Central Pattern Generator 会议论文
IEEE/RSJ 2010 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IROS 2010 - Conference Proceedings, Taipei, Taiwan, 2010.10
Authors:  Ding Rui;  Yu Junzhi;  Yang Qinghai;  Tan Min
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Multi-mode Motion   amphibious Robot   hydrodynamic   gait Control   central Pattern Generator  
Kinematics Modeling and Simulation for an Amphibious Robot: Design and Implementation 会议论文
Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Automation and Logistics, ICAL 2009, Shenyang, China, 2009.08
Authors:  Ding Rui;  Yu Junzhi;  Yang Qinghai;  Tan Min
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Amphibious Robot  Kinematics Modeling  Multi-mode  Adams  
A multi-mode biomimetic amphibious robot 会议论文
World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation, WCICA, Chongqing, China, June 25, 2008 - June 27, 2008
Authors:  Yang, Qinghai;  Yu, Junzhi;  Tan, Min;  Wang, Weibing
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Amphibious Robot  Bio-inspired Propulsion  Mechanical Design  Multi-mode  Intelligent Switching  
Preliminary development of a biomimetic amphibious robot capable of multi-mode motion 会议论文
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, Yalong Bay, Sanya, China, December 15, 2007 - December 18, 2007
Authors:  Yang, Qinghai;  Yu, Junzhi;  Tan, Min;  Wang, Weibing
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Amphibious Robot  Multi-mode  Biomimetics  Fish-like Swimming  Motion Control  
Development of multi-mode biomimetic robotic fish based on Central Pattern Generator, 会议论文
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IROS, Beijing, China, October 9, 2006 - October 15, 2006
Authors:  Zhao, Wei;  Yu, Junzhi;  Fang, Yimin;  Wang, Long
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Biomimetic Robotic Fish  Intelligent Machines  Robot Design  Central Pattern Generator Control  Multi-mode