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A Spiking Neural Network Based Autonomous Reinforcement Learning Model and Its Application in Decision Making 会议论文
Conferences on the 8th International Conference on Brain-inspired Cognitive System, Beijing, China, 2016年11月27-30日
Authors:  Guixiang Wang;  Yi Zeng;  Bo Xu
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Spiking Neural Network  Hodgkin-huxley  Basal Ganglia  Motion Perception  
A Lighting Robust Fitting Approach of 3D Morphable Model using Spherical Harmonic Illumination 会议论文
International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Stockholm, Sweden, 2014-8-26
Authors:  Ma, Mingyang;  Hu, Xiyuan;  Xu, Yuquan;  Peng, Silong
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Affine Subspace Representation for Feature Description 会议论文
European Conference on Compter Vision (ECCV), 2014
Authors:  Wang, Zhenhua;  Fan, Bin;  Wu, Fuchao
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RGBD Salient Object Detection: A Benchmark and Algorithms 会议论文
European Conference on Compter Vision (ECCV), 美国, 2014
Authors:  Peng, Houwen;  Li, Bing;  Xiong, Weihua;  Hu, Weiming;  Ji, Rongrong;  Li Bing
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Salient Object Detection  
Transfer Learning Based Visual Tracking with Gaussian Processes Regression 会议论文
European Conference on Compter Vision (ECCV), Zurich, 2014
Authors:  Gao, Jin;  Ling, Haibin;  Hu, Weiming;  Xing, Junliang;  Junliang Xing
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Alternations of functional connectivity in amblyopia patients: A resting-state fMRI study 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2014
Authors:  Wang, Jieqiong;  Hu, Ling;  Li, Wenjing;  Xian, Junfang;  Ai, Likun;  He, Huiguang
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Different brain activations between own- and other-race face categorization: An fMRI study using group independent component analysis 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, San Diego, California, USA, 2014
Authors:  Wei, Wenjuan;  Liu, Jiangang;  Dai, Ruwei;  Feng, Lu;  Li, Ling;  Tian, Jie
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Brain  Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging  Independent Component Analysis  
Weakly Supervised Object Localization with Latent Category Learning 会议论文
European Conference on Compter Vision (ECCV), 2014
Authors:  Wang, Chong;  Ren, Weiqiang;  Huang, Kaiqi;  Tan, Tieniu
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Semi-supervised clustering for parcellating brain regions based on resting state fMRI data 会议论文
SPIE Medical Imaging, 2014
Authors:  Cheng, Hewei;  Fan, Yong
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IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), null, 2014
Authors:  Zhang, Yuan;  Zhang, Shuwu;  Liang, Wei;  Guo, Qinzhen
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