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Plane Geometry Diagram Parsing 会议论文
, 奥地利 维也纳, 2022-7-24
Authors:  Zhang Ming-Liang;  Yin Fei;  Hao Yi-Han;  Liu Cheng-Lin
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A Multi-Modal Neural Geometric Solver with Textual Clauses Parsed from Diagram 会议论文
, 中国 澳门, 2023-7-19
Authors:  Zhang Ming-Liang;  Yin Fei;  Liu Cheng-Lin
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Cross-cascading regression for simultaneous head pose estimation and facial landmark detection 会议论文
, China, 2018-08
Authors:  Zhang, Wei;  Zhang, Hongwen;  Li, Qi;  Liu, Fei;  Sun, Zhenan;  Li, Xin;  Wan, Xinxin
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Sensing Micro-Motion Human Patterns using Multimodal mmRadar and Video Signal for Affective and Psychological Intelligence 会议论文
, Canada, 2023-10
Authors:  Ru, Yiwei;  Li, Peipei;  Sun, Muyi;  Wang, Yunlong;  Zhang, Kunbo;  Li, Qi;  He, Zhaofeng;  Sun, Zhenan
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Boosting end-to-end multi-object tracking and person search via knowledge distillation 会议论文
, China, 2021-10
Authors:  Zhang, Wei;  He, Lingxiao;  Chen, Peng;  Liao, Xingyu;  Liu, Wu;  Li, Qi;  Sun, Zhenan
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Multi-caption text-to-face synthesis: Dataset and algorithm 会议论文
, China, 2021-10
Authors:  Sun, Jianxin;  Li, Qi;  Wang, Weining;  Zhao, Jian;  Sun, Zhenan
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Bita-net: Bi-temporal attention network for facial video forgery detection 会议论文
, China, 2021-08
Authors:  Ru, Yiwei;  Zhou, Wanting;  Liu, Yunfan;  Sun, Jianxin;  Li, Qi
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DFGC 2021: A deepfake game competition 会议论文
, China, 2021
Authors:  Peng, Bo;  Fan, Hongxing;  Wang, Wei;  Dong, Jing;  Li, Yuezun;  Lyu, Siwei;  Li, Qi;  Sun, Zhenan
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One shot face swapping on megapixels 会议论文
, USA, 2021
Authors:  Zhu, Yuhao;  Li, Qi;  Wang, Jian;  Xu, Chengzhong;  Sun, Zhenan
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Age progression and regression with spatial attention modules 会议论文
, USA, 2020
Authors:  Li, Qi;  Liu, Yunfan;  Sun, Zhenan
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