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基于跨平台话题关联挖掘的媒体转载模式分析研究 学位论文
, 2023
Authors:  王林子
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跨平台媒体转载模式请输入关键词  预训练编码  话题转载  热转段落  转载类型  
User-concerned actionable hot topic mining: enhancing interpretability via semantic–syntactic association matrix factorization 期刊论文
Journal of Electronic Business & Digital Economics, 2022, 页码: ISSN: 2754-4214
Authors:  Linzi Wang;  Qiudan Li;  Jingjun David Xu;  Minjie Yuan
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A Multi-level Semantic Fusion Approach for News Reprint Pattern Detection 会议论文
, Shenzhen, China, 18-22 July 2021
Authors:  Linzi Wang;  Riheng Yao;  Qiudan Li;  Xina Zhang;  Hejing Liu
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