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Fault Injection Method and Voter Design for Dual Modual Redundancy FPGA Hardening 会议论文
IEEE International Conference on Election Information and Emergency Communication, Beijing, 2016-6-17
Authors:  Zheng, Meisong;  Wang, Zilong;  Li, Lijian
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Fpga  Fault Tolerance  Fault Injection  Redundancy  
可定制嵌入式计算机加固技术研究 学位论文
, 北京: 中国科学院大学, 2016
Authors:  郑美松
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嵌入式系统  容错  可定制  单粒子翻转  
A Fault Masking Dual Module Redundancy Method for FPGA 会议论文
IEEE Canadian Conferance on Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vancouver, Canada, 2016-5-15
Authors:  Zheng, Meisong;  Wang, Zilong;  Wang, Zilong;  Li, Lijian
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Fpga  Fault Tolerance  Dual Modular Redundancy  
DAO: Dual module redundancy with AND/OR logic voter 会议论文
The First International Conference on Reliability Systems Engineering, Beijing, 2015-10-21
Authors:  Zheng, Meisong;  Wang, Zilong;  Li, Lijian
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Fpga  Fault Tolerance  Dual Modular Redundancy  Fault Sensitivity  
基于无关配置位分布的FPGA选择性三模冗余方法 会议论文
第十六届全国容错计算学术会议, 上海, 2015-7-17
Authors:  郑美松;  王子龙;  涂吉;  王骏也;  李立健
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容错  Fpga  Tmr  窗口  
Reliability Oriented Selective Triple Modular Redundancy for SRAM-Based FPGAs 期刊论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014, 期号: 713-715, 页码: 1127-1131
Authors:  Zheng, Meisong;  Wang, Zilong;  Tu, Ji;  Wang, Junye;  Li, Lijian
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Fpga  Tmr  Windowing  Seu