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Query Adaptive Similarity Measure for RGB-D Object Recognition 会议论文
Proc. International Conference on Computer Vision 2015, Santiago, Chile, 2015-12-01
Authors:  Yanhua Cheng;  Rui Cai;  Chi Zhang;  Zhiwei Li;  Xin Zhao;  Kaiqi Huang;  Yong Rui
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Art    cameras    feature Extraction    image Color Analysis    market Research    object Recognition    shape  
A Traffic Flow Detection System Combining Optical Flow and Shadow Removal 会议论文
IVS 2011, Beijing, China, 1-2 December 2011
Authors:  Zhaoxiang Zhang;  Yuqing Hou;  Yunhong Wang;  Jie Qin
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Optical Imaging  Image Color Analysis  Computer Vision  Vehicles  Image Motion Analysis  Optical Sensors  Object Detection  
A Real Time Object Tracking Approach for Mobile Robot Visual Servo Control 会议论文
ACPR 2011, Beijing, China, 28th November 2011
Authors:  Zhaoxiang Zhang;  Ruhan Sa;  Yunhong Wang
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Robustness  Image Color Analysis  Robots  Target Tracking  Cameras  Clutter  
Face Detection in Videos Using Skin Color Segmentation and Saliency Model 会议论文
CCPR 2010, Chongqing, China, 21-23 October 2010
Authors:  Chao Wang;  Yunhong Wang;  Zhaoxiang Zhang
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Face  Image Color Analysis  Skin  Mouth  Videos  Face Detection  Accuracy