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Bidirectional Sentence Ordering with Interactive Decoding 期刊论文
ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing, 2023, 卷号: 22, 期号: 2, 页码: 1-15
Authors:  Guirong Bai;  Shizhu HE;  Kang Liu;  Jun Zhao
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Learning to Align Question and Answer Utterances in Customer Service Conversation with Recurrent Pointer Networks 会议论文
, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 2019.01.27 - 2019.02.01
Authors:  Shizhu HE;  Kang Liu;  Weiting An
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Prediction and Calibration: Complex Reasoning over Knowledge Graph with Bi-directional Directed Acyclic Graph Neural Network 会议论文
, Toronto, Canada, 2023.07.09-2023.07.14
Authors:  Yao Xu;  Shizhu HE;  Li Cai;  Kang Liu;  Jun Zhao
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Query2Triple: Unified Query Encoding for Answering Diverse Complex Queries over Knowledge Graphs 会议论文
, Singapore, 2023.11.06-2023.11.10
Authors:  Yao Xu;  Shizhu HE;  Cunguang Wang;  Li Cai;  Kang Liu;  Jun Zhao
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MoDE-CoTD: Chain-of-Thought Distillation for Complex Reasoning Tasks with Mixture of Decoupled LoRA-Experts 会议论文
, Torino (Italia), 2024.5.20 - 2024.5.25
Authors:  Xiang Li;  Shizhu He;  Jiayu Wu;  Zhao Yang;  Yao Xu;  Yang Jun;  Haifeng Liu;  Kang Liu;  Jun Zhao
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Teaching Small Language Models to Reason for Knowledge-Intensive Multi-Hop Question Answering 会议论文
, Bangkok, Thailand, 2024.08.11-2024.08.16
Authors:  Xiang Li;  Shizhu HE;  Fangyu Lei;  Jun Yang;  Tianhuang Su;  Kang Liu;  Jun Zhao
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Self-Modifying State Modeling for Simultaneous Machine Translation 会议论文
, Bangkok, Thailand, August 11–16, 2024
Authors:  Donglei, Yu;  Xiaomian, Kang;  Yuchen, Liu;  YU, Zhou;  Chengqing, Zong
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Generative Calibration for In-context Learning 会议论文
, Singapore, 2023-10-6
Authors:  Zhongtao Jiang;  Yuanzhe Zhang;  Cao Liu;  Jun Zhao;  Kang Liu
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Interpreting Sentiment Composition with Latent Semantic Tree 会议论文
, Toronto, Canada, 2023-7-9
Authors:  Zhongtao Jiang;  Yuanzhe Zhang;  Cao Liu;  Jiansong Chen;  Jun Zhao;  Kang Liu
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Alignment Rationale for Natural Language Inference 会议论文
, Online, 2021-8-1
Authors:  Zhongtao Jiang;  Yuanzhe Zhang;  Zhao Yang;  Jun Zhao;  Kang Liu
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