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NR4A1 Methylation Associated Multimodal Neuroimaging Patterns Impaired in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy 期刊论文
FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE, 2020, 卷号: 14, 期号: 727, 页码: 10
Authors:  Zhi, Dongmei;  Wu, Wenyue;  Xiao, Bo;  Qi, Shile;  Jiang, Rongtao;  Yang, Xingdong;  Yang, Jian;  Xiao, Wenbiao;  Liu, Chaorong;  Long, Hongyu;  Calhoun, Vince D.;  Long, Lili;  Sui, Jing
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temporal lobe epilepsy  multimodal fusion  functional connectivity  fractional anisotropy  gray matter volume  
Fault Injection Method and Voter Design for Dual Modual Redundancy FPGA Hardening 会议论文
IEEE International Conference on Election Information and Emergency Communication, Beijing, 2016-6-17
Authors:  Zheng, Meisong;  Wang, Zilong;  Li, Lijian
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Fpga  Fault Tolerance  Fault Injection  Redundancy  
A Fault Masking Dual Module Redundancy Method for FPGA 会议论文
IEEE Canadian Conferance on Electrical and Computer Engineering, Vancouver, Canada, 2016-5-15
Authors:  Zheng, Meisong;  Wang, Zilong;  Wang, Zilong;  Li, Lijian
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Fpga  Fault Tolerance  Dual Modular Redundancy  
DAO: Dual module redundancy with AND/OR logic voter 会议论文
The First International Conference on Reliability Systems Engineering, Beijing, 2015-10-21
Authors:  Zheng, Meisong;  Wang, Zilong;  Li, Lijian
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Fpga  Fault Tolerance  Dual Modular Redundancy  Fault Sensitivity  
基于无关配置位分布的FPGA选择性三模冗余方法 会议论文
第十六届全国容错计算学术会议, 上海, 2015-7-17
Authors:  郑美松;  王子龙;  涂吉;  王骏也;  李立健
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容错  Fpga  Tmr  窗口  
Reliability Oriented Selective Triple Modular Redundancy for SRAM-Based FPGAs 期刊论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2014, 期号: 713-715, 页码: 1127-1131
Authors:  Zheng, Meisong;  Wang, Zilong;  Tu, Ji;  Wang, Junye;  Li, Lijian
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Fpga  Tmr  Windowing  Seu