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Altered cortical anatomical networks in temporal lobe epilepsy, Proc. of SPIE Medical Imaging 会议论文
Proc. of SPIE Medical Imaging, Australia, 4/12/2011
Authors:  Bin Lv;  Huiguang He;  Jingjing Lu;  Wenjing Li;  Dai Dai;  Meng Li;  Zhengyu Jin
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A Fast and Robust Iris Localization Method Based on Texture Segmentation 会议论文
Proc. of SPIE, USA, 2004
Authors:  Jiali Cui;  Li Ma;  Yunhong Wang;  Tieniu Tan;  Zhenan Sun
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Live Face Detection Based on the Analysis of Fourier Spectra 会议论文
Proc. of SPIE, USA, 2004
Authors:  Jiangwei Li;  Yunhong Wang;  Tieniu Tan;  A. K. Jain
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Writer Authentication Based on the Dynamics of Strokes 会议论文
Proc. of SPIE, USA, 2004
Authors:  Kun Yu;  Yunhong Wang;  Tieniu Tan
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Iris Recognition: Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges 会议论文
Proc. of SPIE, USA, 2004
Authors:  Tieniu Tan;  L. Ma
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