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Counterfactual Explanations for Face Forgery Detection via Adversarial Removal of Artifacts 会议论文
, Niagara Falls, Canada, 2024-6
Authors:  Li, Yang;  Yang, Songlin;  Wang, Wei;  He, Ziwen;  Peng, Bo;  Dong, Jing
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Exposing Fine-Grained Adversarial Vulnerability of Face Anti-Spoofing Models 会议论文
, Vancouver, Canada, 2023-6-19
Authors:  Yang, Songlin;  Wang, Wei;  Xu, Chenye;  He, Ziwen;  Peng, Bo;  Dong, Jing
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Designing a 3D-Aware StyleNeRF Encoder for Face Editing 会议论文
, Greek island of Rhodes, 2023-6-8
Authors:  Yang, Songlin;  Wang, Wei;  Peng, Bo;  Dong, Jing
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A Systematical Solution for Face De-Identification 会议论文
, Shanghai, 2021-9
Authors:  Yang, Songlin;  Wang, Wei;  Cheng, Yuehua;  Dong, Jing
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基于神经辐射场的动态人脸编辑 学位论文
, 2024, 2024
Authors:  杨嵩林
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神经辐射场  动态人脸编辑  人脸属性编辑  人脸运动编辑  神经辐射场  动态人脸编辑  人脸属性编辑  人脸运动编辑  
Learning Dense Correspondence for NeRF-Based Face Reenactment 会议论文
, 加拿大渥太华, 2024年2月20日至27日
Authors:  Songlin Yang;  Wei Wang;  Yushi Lan;  Xiangyu Fan;  Bo Peng;  Lei Yang;  Jing Dong
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Context-Aware Talking-Head Video Editing 会议论文
, 加拿大渥太华, 2023.10.29-2023.11.2
Authors:  Songlin Yang;  Wei Wang;  Jun Ling;  Bo Peng;  Xu Tan;  Jing Dong
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