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Data-driven cluster selection for subcortical shape and cortical thickness predicts recovery from depressive symptoms 会议论文
, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 2017-4-18
Authors:  Benjamin S.C. Wade;  Sui Jing(隋婧);  Stephanie Njau;  Amber M. Leaver;  Megha Vasvada;  Boris A. Gutman;  Paul M. Thompson;  Randal Espinoza;  Roger P. Woods;  Christopher C. Abbott;  Katherine L. Narr;  Shantanu H. Joshi
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Random Forest  Treatment Responseprediction  Shape Analysis  Major Depression  Electroconvulsive  
Cortical and Subcortical Morphometry Predicts Relapse of Depressive Symptoms following Electroconvulsive Therapy 期刊论文
biological psychiatry, 2017, 期号: 201702, 页码: 660
Authors:  Benjamin Wade;  Sui Jing(隋婧);  Stephanie Njau;  Amber Leaver;  Megha Vasavada;  Randall Espinoza;  Roger Woods;  Chris Abbott;  Shantanu Joshi;  Katherine Narr
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Bipolar Depression  Mri Brain Imaging  Diffusion