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非接触式掌纹图像识别研究 学位论文
, 中国科学院自动化研究所: 中国科学院研究生院, 2010
Authors:  韩宇飞
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生物特征识别  非接触掌纹图像获取  统计性掌纹图像表达  Biometrics  Contactless Palmprint Recognition  Statistical Palmprint Image Representation  
掌纹图像的获取设备及掌纹图像处理方法 专利
专利类型: 发明, 专利号: CN200910079804.4, 申请日期: 2009-03-11, 公开日期: 2010-09-15
Inventors:  谭铁牛;  孙哲南;  谭剑波;  韩宇飞
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Palmprint Image Synthesis: A Preliminary Study 会议论文
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, USA, 2008
Authors:  Zhuoshi Wei;  Yufei Han;  Zhenan Sun;  Tieniu Tan
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Hierarchical Appearance Statistics for Accurate Palmprint Recognition 会议论文
Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition, USA, 2008
Authors:  Yufei Han;  Zhenan Sun;  Tieniu Tan
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Identity Verification by Using Handprint 会议论文
Proc. International Conference on Biometrics, Korea, 2007
Authors:  Ying Hao;  Tieniu Tan;  Zhenan Sun;  Yufei Han
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Learning Gabor Magnitude Features for Palm print Recognition 会议论文
, Xi'an, China, 2007
Authors:  Rufeng Chu;  Zhen Lei;  Yufei Han;  Ran He(赫然)
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Learning Gabor Magnitude Features for Palmprint Recognition 会议论文
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Tokyo, Japan, Nov 2007
Authors:  Rufeng Chu;  Zhen Lei;  Yufei Han;  Ran He;  Stan Z. Li
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Fusion of Face and Palmprint for Personal Identification Based on Ordinal Features 会议论文
Proc. IEEE International Conference of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, USA, 2007
Authors:  Rufeng Chu;  ShengCai Liao;  Yufei Han;  Zhenan Sun;  Stan Z. Li;  Tieniu Tan
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Palmprint Recognition under Unconstrained Scenes 会议论文
Proc. Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Japan, 2007
Authors:  Yufei Han;  Zhenan Sun;  Fei Wang;  Tieniu Tan
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Embedded Palmprint Recognition System on Mobile Devices 会议论文
Proc. International Conference of Biometrics, Korea, 2007
Authors:  Yufei Han;  Tieniu Tan;  Zhenan Sun;  Ying Hao
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