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Advances in Molecular Imaging of Immunotherapeutic Targets in Breast Cancer: Current and Future Prospect 期刊论文
European Radiology, 2018, 期号: NA, 页码: NA
Authors:  Du Yang;  Jin Yinhua;  Sun Wei;  Fan Junjie;  Zheng Jianjun;  Tian Jie
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Cancer, Immunotherapy, Molecular Imaging, Immune Checkpoint Target  
武器装备研制生产平行管理控制系统研究 会议论文
2013第一届中国指挥控制大会论文集, 北京, 2013
Authors:  刘建军;  郑绍钰;  刘希未;  文丁
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装备质量成本进度  平行管理控制方法  人工系统  计算实验  平行执行