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Joint Learning with Keyword Extraction for Event Detection in Social Media 会议论文
, Miami, FL, USA, 2018.11.8-2018.11.10
Authors:  Guandan Chen;  Wenji Mao;  Qingchao Kong;  Han Han
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Event Detection  Keyword Extraction  Deep Learning  
Efficient Location-based Event Detection in Social Text Streams 会议论文
In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Intelligence and Big Data Engineering (IScIDE), Zuzhou, China, 2015-6
Authors:  Xiao Feng;  Shuwu Zhang;  Wei Liang
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Event Detection  Location Extraction  Social Networks  Microblogs  
Real-time Event Detection based on Geo Extraction and Temporal Analysis 会议论文
In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications (ADMA), Guilin, China, 2014-12
Authors:  Xiao Feng;  Shuwu Zhang;  Wei Liang;  Zhe Tu
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Event Detection  Microblogs  Geo-information Extraction  Temporal Analysis  
网络事件中网民群体的社会计算建模与分析 学位论文
, 中国科学院自动化研究所: 中国科学院研究生院, 2012
Authors:  谭章文
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网民群体  智能体建模  网络事件  行为抽取  情感分析  食品安全事件  Netizen Group  Agent-based Modeling  Internet Event  Action extrAction  Opinion Analysis  Food Safety Event  
视频运动分析与事件识别 学位论文
, 中国科学院自动化研究所: 中国科学院研究生院, 2010
Authors:  李莉
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视频结构分析  镜头检测  关键帧提取  视频事件识别  镜头分类  特征融合  主导集聚类复发  注意机制  兴趣点  时空兴趣点  Video Structure Analysis  Shot Detection  Key Frame Extraction  Video Event Recognition  Shot Classification  Feature Fusion  Dominant Set Clustering Algorithm  Attention Machanism  Keypoints  Spatio-temporal Interest Points