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Self-Learning Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems: Adaptive Dynamic Programming Approach 专著
Berlin:Springer, 2018
Authors:  Wei, Qinglai;  Song,Ruizhuo;  Li, Benkai;  Lin, Xiaofeng
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Adaptive Dynamic Programming with Applications in Optimal Control 专著
Berlin:Springer, 2016
Authors:  Liu Derong;  Wei Qinglai;  Wang Ding;  Yang Xiong;  Li Hongliang
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3D Visual Shape Processing based on Discrete Differential Geometry 专著
Germany:Lambert Academic Publishing, 2016
Authors:  Huai-Yu Wu
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Big Data And Smart Service Systems 专著
New York:Elsevier, 2016
Authors:  Xiwei Liu;  Rangachari Anand;  Gang Xiong;  Xiuqin Shang;  Xiaoming Liu;  Jianping Cao
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