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Alternative TitleHospital Information System
Thesis Advisor顾学真
Degree Grantor中国科学院自动化研究所
Place of Conferral中国科学院自动化研究所
Degree Discipline模式识别与智能系统
Keyword医院信息系统(His) 客户机(Client) 服务器(Server) Hospital Information System(His) Client Server
Abstract医院信息系统(Hospital Information System)是指基于计算机处 理的医院医疗和管理信息系统,HIS的研究开发一直是医药信息学的 主导方向。本文结合笔者参加的国家科委项目--北京电力医院信息 系统的开发,对HIS发展存在的基本问题、体系结构的选择、开发方 法和系统设计等几方面进行了深入分析研究,提出了相应的方法策 略,并在实际系统开发中加以运用。 第一章通过对国内外HIS发展状况的分析和笔者在HIS开发方 面的实践,总结出阻碍HIS发展的基本原因是HIS的复杂性与资源不 足的矛盾;信息的有机联系和完备的整体性是HIS的客观要求和发 展方向。针对HIS这两方面的基本问题,笔者提出在mS开发中应建 立动态层次目标体系的观点,进而得出mS开发成功的关键因素。 第二章首先回顾了计算机体系的发展过程,然后分析了 Client/Server计算的概念、结构、特点和优势;针对HIS开发运行环 境和体系结构选择的基本要素,本文论述了HIS采用Client/Server体 系结构的必要性和必然性。 HIS的复杂性使其不同于一般的MIS,以往的HIS开发普遍采用 传统的生命周期法。然而生命周期法存在某些局限性,增加了HIS开 发的难度,降低了开发效率。由于HIS采用Client/Server结构,特别是 有第四代软件开发工具(4GL)的支持,原型法快速、灵活的优势可弥 补生命周期法的不足。因此,第三章针对HIS开发存在的特点,提出 将生命周期法与原型法相结合的开发策略,充分发挥二者的长处,极 大提高了HIS开发的效率。文中给出了该方法的具体工作流程。 Client/Server结构信息系统的设计原则、方法步骤始终贯穿于 HIS的设计始末,第四章主要讨论了Client/Server’系统设计的有关问 题。首先,针对系统设计的关键问题--平衡应用处理,提出了Client 端和Server端功能划分的主要原则;然后详细分析了Client/Server 结构信息系统的设计开发步骤;最后应用排队模型分析了影响系统 性能的主要因素,并提出Client/Server系统性能调整的一般原则。 第五章针对HIS自身的特点,全面论述了系统的设计思想、系统 集成的方法原则和Cliellt/Server结构的具体实施方案。在以往的HIS 开发中,普遍采用以收费为中心的运行模式,而医院的信息主体-- 病人却处于系统之外,这无法达到医院信息的完整性和全面支持医 疗管理决策的要求,极大地限制了mS的发展。经过充分调研及对医 院管理模式和内部信息流的分析,文中指出HIS应采用以“病人信息”为中心的
Other AbstractHospital Information System (HIS) is defined as a Medical and Management Information System based on computer. The study of HIS is a leading field of Medical Informatics (MI). By means of joining the project " Hospital Information System for the General Hospital of Ministry of Power ", sponsored by the High-tech Program of the State Scientific and Technological Commission(SSTC), we make a thorough study of HIS with the structure of Client/Server. First, the main reason that hinders the development of HIS is analysed, which is the contradiction between the complexity of HIS and inadequate resources; Information integrity is the objective demand and development direction of HIS. In accordance with the two aspects, a new idea of Dynamic Objective system is proposed. Second, the concept, structure, characteristic and superiority of Client/Server structure are discussed. In light of the essential factors that determine the choice of system structure of HIS, we hold the view that Client/Server is a necessary and inevitable choice of HIS. The complexity of HIS makes it different from general MIS. Traditional Life Cycle Approach is possible to make the development of HIS more difficult and less effective, while Prototyping Approach is unique of its efficiency and flexibility. Therefore, a new approach that combines the two methods is proposed, which can make up for each other's limitations and give full play to their merits. Practical procedure of this method is given in the third chapter. Fourth, we make a detailed study of Client/Server Information System: advancing the main principle of dividing functions of Client and Server, discussing the design steps of Client/Server system, proposing the general principle of improving the performance of system by the analysis of queueing model. HIS has its distinguishing features. In the fifth chapter, we give an exhaustive discussion of HIS, including system design idea, method of system integration and concrete scheme of Client/Server structure. Previous HIS is developed around medical expenses. It is unreasonable. In comparison with such system, the idea is original that patient information is the heart of whole system and should be considered as a main thread running through the system. On the basis of the former discussion of Client/Server structure, a specific scheme is raised, that means the choice of network operating system, network Database and developing tools. The sketchy function and structure of this system are given in this thesis. In the end, prospects of HIS study are suggested. In the near future, CPR (Computer-based Patient Record), PACS(Picture Archive and Commtmications System) and MDSS(Medical Decision Support System) will develop quickly. Internet is certain to play an important role in HIS.
Other Identifier472
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
于昕. 客户/服务器体系结构下的医院信息系统[D]. 中国科学院自动化研究所. 中国科学院自动化研究所,1998.
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