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Huiguang He
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Huiguang He

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1.  Brain Computer Interface:
Investigate the new theory and methods of multimodality neural signal acquisition and processing in brain computer interface, and the brain encoding and decoding algorithm, develop a multi-modality BCI system.

2. Study of the brain-like mechanism of deep learning  based on visual information encoding and decoding 
Develop advanced computing methods to establishthe mapping model between the visual system and the external visualstimulation information, explore the mechanism of brain visual informationprocessing. Investigate the relationship between deeplearning and brain visual information processing, understanding the expressionof each layer in the cerebral cortex, and then use deep learningtechnique for brain encoding and decoding.

3. The research on multimodality medical imaging processing and its application   
Based on multimodality medical imaging, focuses on understanding the relation between structures and functions of the human brain. Develop and apply new medical image processing and analysis algorithms for brain data analysis. Help doctor with diagnosis and treatment.  The interest application includes amblyopia, glaucoma and major depression disorder etc. 


HE Huiguang was born in Hubei,in 1973. He is currently a full professor with Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA). He received BS degree (1994) and MS degree (1997) from Dalian Maritime University (DMU). He got the Ph.D. degree (with honor) in pattern recognition and intelligent systemsfrom CASIA. He was Associate Lecturer in DMU (1997~1999), and postdoctoral researcher (2003~2004) in University of Rochester, USA.He was visiting professor in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2014.10-2015.4). Hewon the following awards: Excellent Ph.D. dissertation of CAS (2004), National Science & Technology Award (2003, 2004), Beijing Sicence& Technology Award(2002, 2003), K.C. Wong Education Prizes (2007, 2009), and “Lu Jiaxi” Yong Talent Prize(2009). Currently he is PI of two grants (including one key project) from National Science Foundation of China.

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