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Alternative TitleA Dissertation Submitted to the Academic Degree Committee of Institute of Automation
Thesis Advisor谭民
Degree Grantor中国科学院研究生院
Place of Conferral中国科学院自动化研究所
Degree Discipline控制理论与控制工程
Keyword机器人 开放式 控制器 运动学 视觉控制 链码 曲线拟和 Robot Motion Planning Open Architecture Controller Visual Control Curve Fitting Chain Code
Abstract随着机器人技术的发展,机器人能力的不断提高,其应用领域不断扩展,人 们要求机器人能够代替人在恶劣的环境中完成复杂的、危险的任务,如核电厂废 料的清理、高压电线的检修、空间站的维修、海洋勘探等。这些任务的顺利完成 需要机器人有一个结构良好的、功能强大的控制系统。因此研究开发具有良好结 构的机器人控制器,提高机器人控制的可靠性、快速性和灵活性,拓展机器人的 应用范围,是一项非常有意义的工作。本文针对具有开放结构的机器人控制器进 行了研究,其主要内容有: 第一,对开放式机器人控制器的特点进行了介绍,从控制器的体系结构、控制器 的软硬件实现方面对开放式机器人控制器的国内外发展现状进行了综述。 第二,介绍了我们开发的一套基于Linux操作系统的开放式机器人控制器平台, 分析了控制器的体系结构,并从硬件构成和软件模块上分析了控制器的功 能。该控制器具备了运动规划功能、语音控制功能、视觉控制功能和远程 控制功能。针对K10机器人,分析了其运动规划算法和奇异点的解决方 法,亦利用远程实时控制验证了开放式机器人控制器的有效性和运动规划 算法的正确性。 第三,介绍了开放式机器人控制器中的跨平台网络通讯问题及其实现,分析了网 络通讯的系统结构、网络通讯的实现方式、数据格式的定义以及程序的实 现。 第四,介绍了开放式机器人控制器平台中的视觉算法,针对边界轮廓的表示方 法,提出了一种基于链码的多直线段拟合算法,该方法能够简单的表示边 界而且能够大大减少数据的存储量,亦将该算法用于机器人的远程视觉控 制,试验表明了我们提出的曲线拟合算法的有效性。
Other AbstractWith the development of robotics, the power of robot has been improved and the application areas of robot have been enlarged. Robots are required to accomplish complicated taskes in dangerous environments in place of human, such as toxic waste cleanup in a nuclear power station, high-voltage line overhaul, space station restore, ocean exploration and so on. The implement of all this tasks needs a good robot control system that has good architecture and strong functions. Therefore, it's an very meaningful job to do research on good architectured robot controller, as well as to improve the reliability, quickness and flexiblility of robot controller and to extend the application area of robots. This paper is focused on the research on Open Architectured Robot Controller. The content of this paper goes as follows: Firstly, the characteristics of Open Architecture Robot Controller are introduced, researches on the architecture and the implement of the software and hardware of the open architecture robot controller are reviewed, Secondly, a Linux-based Open Architecture Robot Controller that we develped is introduced, the architecture and functions of it are discussed from the hardware components and software modularity. This controller has the function of motion planing, speech control, visual control and remote control. As far as the K10 robot is concerned, the resolution of the singularity of it is discussed, as well as the motion planing algorithm. Also Remote Real-time control is done and the result shows that this system works stably in real time and the motion planing algorithms are correct. Thirdly, the network communication and its implementation of the cross-platform of Open Architecture Robot Controller is introduced, the system architecture, the methods of implementation of the network communication are discussed in detail. Also we discuss the definition of the data format and the implementation of the procedure. Fourthly, visual algorithms are addressed at the high level of the Open Architecture Robot Controller and the representation methods of the contour are discussed in detail. And then a new curve fitting algorithm- polyline splitting algorithm based on chain code- is forwarded. This method can represent the boundary easily and greatly lessen the storage quantity of data on the image. Then remote visual control of robot use the polyline splitting algorithm to lessen the transfer data. Thus, the validity of curve fitting algorithm is confirmed by the experiment.
Other Identifier638
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
陈刚. 基于Linux操作系统的开放式机器人控制器及视觉算法的研究[D]. 中国科学院自动化研究所. 中国科学院研究生院,2002.
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