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Markovian Policy Network for Efficient Robot Learning 期刊
创刊日期: 2022,
Sponsors:  Zhang FY(张丰一), Yurou Chen, Zhiyong Liu
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Efficient robot learning  Structural prior knowledge  Reinforcement learning  Graph neural network  
SURRL: Structural Unsupervised Representations for Robot Learning 期刊
创刊日期: 2022,
Sponsors:  Zhang FY(张丰一), Yurou Chen, Hong Qiao, Zhiyong Liu
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Reinforcement learning  structural representations learning  multi-task learning  robotics  
Efficiently Fusing Pretrained Acoustic and Linguistic Encoders for Low-resource Speech Recognition 期刊
创刊日期: 2021, 收录类别: SCI,
Sponsors:  Yi C(易澄)
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Correlation Particle Filter for Visual Tracking 期刊
创刊日期: 2018,
Sponsors:  Zhang TZ(张天柱)
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Lithium-ion power battery grouping: A multisource data fusion based clustering approach and distributed deployment 期刊
创刊日期: 2016,
Sponsors:  Wang YD(王玉栋)
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A multi-source data feature fusion and expert knowledge integration approach on lithium-ion battery anomaly detection 期刊
创刊日期: 2016, 收录类别: SCI, 出版者: ASME, ISSN: 2381-6872
Sponsors:  Wang YD(王玉栋)
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analysis and design of components  devices and systems  electrochemical engineering  
Lithium-ion Battery Screening by K-Means with DBSCAN for De-noising 期刊
创刊日期: 2004,
Sponsors:  Yudong Wang
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Human attention-inspired volume reconstruction method on serial section electron microscopy images 期刊
创刊日期: 2003,
Sponsors:  Zhou FX(周芳旭)
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