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Cross stage partial connections based weighted Bi-directional feature pyramid and enhanced spatial transformation network for robust object detection 期刊论文
NEUROCOMPUTING, 2022, 卷号: 513, 页码: 70-82
Authors:  Lu, Yan-Feng;  Yu, Qian;  Gao, Jing-Wen;  Li, Yi;  Zou, Jun-Cheng;  Qiao, Hong
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Robust object detection  Structural deformation  Image detection  Spatial transformation  
Brainnetome atlas of preadolescent children based on anatomical connectivity profiles 期刊论文
CEREBRAL CORTEX, 2022, 页码: 12
Authors:  Li, Wen;  Fan, Lingzhong;  Shi, Weiyang;  Lu, Yuheng;  Li, Jin;  Luo, Na;  Wang, Haiyan;  Chu, Congying;  Ma, Liang;  Song, Ming;  Li, Kaixin;  Cheng, Luqi;  Cao, Long;  Jiang, Tianzi
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anatomical connectivity  Brainnetome atlas  development  diffusion magnetic resonance imaging  preadolescent child  
Two subtypes of schizophrenia identified by an individual-level atypical pattern of tensor-based morphometric measurement 期刊论文
CEREBRAL CORTEX, 2022, 页码: 18
Authors:  Shi, Weiyang;  Fan, Lingzhong;  Wang, Haiyan;  Liu, Bing;  Li, Wen;  Li, Jin;  Cheng, Luqi;  Chu, Congying;  Song, Ming;  Sui, Jing;  Luo, Na;  Cui, Yue;  Dong, Zhenwei;  Lu, Yuheng;  Ma, Yawei;  Ma, Liang;  Li, Kaixin;  Chen, Jun;  Chen, Yunchun;  Guo, Hua;  Li, Peng;  Lu, Lin;  Lv, Luxian;  Wan, Ping;  Wang, Huaning;  Wang, Huiling;  Yan, Hao;  Yan, Jun;  Yang, Yongfeng;  Zhang, Hongxing;  Zhang, Dai;  Jiang, Tianzi
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schizophrenia  subtype  structural MRI  neuroimaging-clinic association analysis  neuroimaging-transcription association analysis  
基于语义的跨模态检索研究 学位论文
工学硕士, 中国科学院自动化研究所: 中国科学院自动化研究所, 2022
Authors:  程文龙
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跨模态检索  视觉问答  语音-图像检索  三模态排序损失  循环一致性损失  
The human mediodorsal thalamus: Organization, connectivity, and function 期刊论文
NEUROIMAGE, 2022, 卷号: 249, 页码: 10
Authors:  Li, Kaixin;  Fan, Lingzhong;  Cui, Yue;  Wei, Xuehu;  He, Yini;  Yang, Jiyue;  Lu, Yuheng;  Li, Wen;  Shi, Weiyang;  Cao, Long;  Cheng, Luqi;  Li, Ang;  You, Bo;  Jiang, Tianzi
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Mediodorsal thalamic nucleus  Parcellation  Anatomical organization  Functional connectivity  Cognitive functions  
A Reconstruction-based Visual-Acoustic-Semantic Embedding Method for Speech-Image Retrieval 期刊论文
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2022, 页码: 14
Authors:  Cheng, Wenlong;  Tang, Wei;  Huang, Yan;  Luo, Yiwen;  Wang, Liang
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Constraint multi-objective optimal design of hybrid renewable energy system considering load characteristics 期刊论文
Authors:  Chen, Yingfeng;  Wang, Rui;  Ming, Mengjun;  Cheng, Shi;  Bao, Yiping;  Zhang, Wensheng;  Zhang, Chi
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Constraint optimization  Multi-objective optimization  Hybrid renewable energy system  Evolutionary algorithms  
Graph-to-Graph: Towards Accurate and Interpretable Online Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition. 会议论文
, 线上会议, 2021-2-2至2021-2-9
Authors:  Jin-Wen Wu;  Fei Yin;  Yan-Ming Zhang;  Xu-Yao Zhang;  Cheng-Lin Liu
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Residual Dual Scale Scene Text Spotting by Fusing Bottom-Up and Top-Down Processing 期刊论文
International Journal of Computer Vision, 2020, 卷号: 1, 期号: 38, 页码: 1872–1885
Authors:  Wei Feng;  Fei Yin;  Xu-Yao Zhang;  Wenhao He;  Cheng-Lin Liu
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Scene text spotting  Arbitrary shapes  Bottom-up  Top-down  Residual dual scale  
A time-optimal wellbore trajectory design for slide drilling systems 期刊论文
Authors:  Zhong, Xiao-Yu;  Liu, Jia-Peng;  Chen, Kai-Dong;  Chen, Jia-Qi;  Wang, Ning-Yu;  He, Chun-Wang;  Lu, Qiu-Hai;  Cheng, Zai-Bin;  Huang, Wen-Jun
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Slide drilling system  Wellbore trajectory optimization  Alternate sliding and rotating  Piecewise trial strategy  Genetic algorithm