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Noninvasive Estimation of the Input Function for Dynamic Mouse F-18-FDG MicroPET Studies 期刊论文
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, 2013, 卷号: 60, 期号: 11, 页码: 3103-3112
Authors:  Mu, Wei;  Chen, Zhe;  Dai, Xiaoqian;  Tian, Jie
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Bayesian Penalty Term  Constraint Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (Cnmf)  Delay And Dispersion Effects  Input Function  Partial-volume And Spillover Effects  
动态FDG-PET成像中定量分析相关算法的研究 学位论文
, 中国科学院自动化研究所: 中国科学院研究生院, 2012
Authors:  代晓倩
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动态pet  Fdg  定量分析  参数估计  输入函数  Dynamic Pet  Fdg  Quantitative Analysis  Parameter Estimation  Input Function  
Adaptive total linear least square method for quantification of mean transit time in brain perfusion MRI 期刊论文
MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING, 2003, 卷号: 21, 期号: 5, 页码: 503-510
Authors:  Li, XF;  Tian, J;  Li, EZ;  Wang, XX;  Dai, JP;  Ai, L;  Tian, Jie
Adobe PDF(725Kb)  |  Favorite  |  View/Download:59/8  |  Submit date:2015/11/08
Arterial Input Function  Mean Transit Time  Adaptive Total Linear Least Square  Concentration-time Curves  Blood Flow